Finding A Law School

Below are instructions on how to research law schools on

  • Navigate to
  • Click Choosing a Law School
  • Click ABA Approved Law Schools (towards the left side of the screen)
  • Type the desired type of law (e.g. environmental law, intellectual property, criminal prosecution) into the Keyword Search function

Example Search: Environmental Law

  • When Environmental Law is entered in the Keyword Search function, the results showed 129 programs
  • Choose a program to examine further by clicking on the name of the institution
  • Once you are on that program’s summary page:
    • Scroll down until you see JD Curriculum and Centers and Institutes – this is where you will see what kinds of clinics and experiences a school offers
    • If you are not interested based on those, move on to another school
    • If you are interested, then scroll back up to ABA Data (a purple button on the right side). It will list information such as:
      • Bar Passage Results
      • Employment Data
      • Tuition, Fees, Financial Aid
    • If that all still looks good, then you can navigate to the school’s actual website and keep gathering information. They will have information such as student profiles, information about their faculty, about the community where the school is located, etc.