Admission into law school requires a bachelor’s degree within any academic area. The selection of a major area of study should reflect a career that a student might pursue without considering law school.

Pre-law is not a major or minor that students declare. It is a guided program of study preparing students for law school. Iowa State University offers courses that assist students in developing the skills, values, and knowledge that are essential to become a competent attorney. Appropriate skills include logical reasoning, critical thinking, debate, persuasion, advanced writing, research, and listening and communication skills. Coursework which explores societal morals and values is necessary for developing cultural awareness and appreciation.

A general knowledge base of the humanities, social sciences and business academic areas are needed to comprehend the pluralistic society within and outside of the United States.

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences is the home of the pre-law program at Iowa State University and is located in 102 Catt Hall. Current law school bulletins, LSAT applications and preparation materials, along with other career planning material are also available in 102 Catt Hall. For more information, contact us at prelaw@iastate.edu.