Frequently Asked Questions

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What does pre-law mean at Iowa State?

Pre-law is a designation of your future goals, not a major. You will still choose an academic major in an area that interests you.

What’s the best major for getting into law school?

All majors can be potential paths to law school. Contrary to popular thought, there is no single major that is required for law school. Choose a major that you enjoy, so you feel motivated to work toward academic success. Plus, if your long-term goals ever change, you will already have chosen a major that interests you.

Writing, research and critical thinking are important skills for law school, so you will also want to choose classes and experiences that help you develop these skills.

What type of GPA will I need for law school?

Though law schools don’t require a minimum GPA for admission, it is ideal to have a GPA at or near the median score for the law schools to which you wish to apply. For example, if the median GPA for the class that entered fall 2021 at your law school of choice is 3.33, then you will want a 3.33 GPA or higher at Iowa State.

How do I find letters of recommendation?

Get to know your professors. Form relationships with faculty members by attending office hours, becoming a TA, conducting research or tutoring.

Law school applications ought to be submitted about one year before your planned enrollment. If you want to begin law school fall 2023, then your application materials and LSAT need to be completed by fall 2022. Strong letters of recommendation from faculty are the most valuable so begin having conversations with faculty instructors well before the application deadline. You will want to give faculty time to craft the best letter possible

Can you help me prepare for my law school interview?

Not all law schools offer or require an interview. If you are applying to a law school that has an interview process, we certainly can help you prepare. LAS Career Services can help you practice mock interviews for law school interviews. Current students can set up an appointment to meet with their staff and learn how they can assist you.

What is the “3+3” program?

The 3+3 Law School Agreement with Drake University School of Law and The University of Iowa College of Law is an opportunity for Iowa State University students to earn an undergraduate degree and a law degree in six years rather than the usual seven. Students are eligible for this opportunity with any major within the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (LAS).

Please talk to your advisor for more information.