Preparation Timeline

This timeline assumes that the application process begins in the Spring of your junior year, approximately 18 months before you expect to enter law school. For a summer or mid-year admission, adjust the schedule accordingly.

March-June Prepare for LSAT

April-May Apply for LSAT

June Take LSAT

July  Receive LSAT score

August-September Subscribe to LSDAS and CAS

August-September Send official transcripts to CAS

August-September Request catalogs, applications and financial aid information from law schools

September Talk to your potential references about letter recommendations

September Check CAS report for accuracy

September-October Write personal statement

September-November Meet with admissions representatives

October-November Fill out applications

October-November Send applications

November-December Check to be sure application file is complete, letters of recommendation

January File financial aid applications

December-May Visit law schools to aid in decision process

April-June Be sure to pay your seat deposit on time