Future Students

Preparing for law school

You may be surprised to know that students are accepted to law school with various undergraduate majors. The most important major to choose is the one that you will enjoy!

If you already know which legal field you want to pursue, that may help guide your selection of a major and coursework. For example, patent law requires individuals to have a certain number of hard science classes. And, of course, all law students should be prepared to be good writers, researchers, and critical thinkers.

Here are a few tips for preparing for law school while you are an undergraduate student:

  • Join some of Iowa State’s 900+ student organizations (including Pre-Law Club!) and practice your leadership skills.
  • Take classes at Iowa State that help you develop strong writing, critical thinking, and research skills. Speech communication courses are great preparation, too.
  • Build time management skills.
  • Become a better communicator. Consider working as a teaching assistant or leading supplemental instruction.
  • Learn about the law in everyday life. Look for an internship or job shadowing experience, so you can make professional connections and see how legal professionals apply their knowledge.
  • Make a plan for how you will prepare for the LSAT, obtain recommendation letters, and begin the law school application process. Talk to your Iowa State pre-law advising team for advice.
  • Explore your interests inside and outside the classroom! Alumni tell us Iowa State’s strong student experiences, such as undergraduate research, put them ahead of their peers in reading, writing, and research skills.

Creating your path

Iowa State provides rigorous academics and diverse student opportunities that you can use to build a strong foundation for law school.

It’s always in your best interests to pursue the academic and extracurricular opportunities that most interest you—not based on what may look good on a law school application. If you enjoy your major, are highly involved in activities that excite you, and are developing strong research, critical thinking, and writing skills, you are on the right path to law school.

It is also okay if you don’t currently know which legal career is right for you. Law students take various required classes that will provide exposure to many legal paths.

3+3 Agreement

Some Iowa State students decide to apply to law school late in their undergraduate studies. Others know early on that law school is their destination.

Those who know law school is their path early on can take advantage of the “3+3” agreement.

Iowa State University has a program with The University of Iowa College of Law and Drake University Law School, where students can earn an undergraduate degree and a law degree in six years rather than the usual seven. Students are eligible for this opportunity with any major in Iowa State’s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (LAS).